por carracuca

magic meeting you
hey handsome quit
worrying I won’t push
you in front of the train
if you don’t wallop me
nose against the map
blue yellow red green
lines plaqued it is what
you can guess to exit
I can’t find any exits
gone unhighlighted
ungraffitied or total
smudged the gunk we
carry is immense
is everlasting is what
Jesus forgot to take
with him he died for
you to sit here with that
hand in the hole
in my jeans just above
the knees they came
that way the jeans not
my knees you won’t find
any maps on my body
I know songs rest here
the orange cracked
seat loose on its nuts
it wiggles or vibrates
what is the best word
is a mystery a train
won’t solve I stood up
to exit to the right
a man hollered SIT
so I did and said
hey handsome

Tyler Gooble