por carracuca

12:01 and I saw your face and I smiled at the floor until 12:05.
Time cascaded,
like milk bottles on a porch,
like hair in the Georgia sun;
and we forgot about time;
12:46; and we forgot about life;
12:52; and we forgot about pain
1:03; and we forgot about each other;
1:04 I want you back;
1:05 I need you.

The 1:38 moon lit your blue eyes,
glowing street graffiti against boom box anthems,
serenading us to silence.
your 2:03 hands on my hips,
your 2:16 pulling my hand to your chest,
my 2:17 fist to your face,
your 2:57 lips to my lips.

3:14 glimmers streetlights as we cower against corners,
Sharp melodies crashing on pavement,
so we lace our fingers together,
and 4:27 never let go.

5:22 hugs our ankles as light trips over the horizon,
with stale cigarettes and empty bottles,
and we dance in our worn underwear,
until our legs give out.
And 6:39 prickles our toes,
but we are still,
and our heart beats sync,
and I forget how to breathe
at 7:32.

8:07; and we are gone.
I smile back as the city lights dim,
as the burnt smell
of worn out jeans
and bleached fingers
tingles our noses.

9:41 and sweat drips,
like broken lemonade stand cups,
like oil on water.

As 10:08 creeps up and snaches us,
We feel tsunamis
of anger,
of resent;
but kept promises
dirt roads
and blinking streetlights,
hold us,
until 11:28.

11:32; and silence seared out of your back wheels,
as heaven melted from our memories,
and I look at your broken smile,
and you are everything.

11:48 and I will sing American Pie
with you,
until the day I die.
I will feel every line,
electrify through my veins.
I will feel every word,
constrict our connection.

11:53 and we drive like it’s the last thing we do.
11:54 and we are grace.
11:55 and we are beauty.
11:56 and we are forever.
11:57 and we are alive.
11:58 and we are infinite.
11:59 and we’ll be in love for one minute more.

Julia McGonagle