por carracuca

There was a well-trodden path between our homes
Before the wall.
Open doors and welcoming light
Comings and goings, laughter echoed.
When they started to build, I hardly noticed
Hopped over on a dream-run.
But I awoke one day and it was high, formidable,
The blocks cemented in.
Some nights she would call to me
We would whisper at a chink, loosen the stones
With sweet nothings
Passion would open a passage and our bodies would meet.
Afterwards, she would kiss me and say not to worry
It was just a security measure, temporary.
The lie was in her eyes.
They cemented those cracks, and it’s a smooth surface now, Higher than ever.
But still, on the darkest nights,
I find myself there
Clutching a bottle, half-drunk
My fingers scrabble at the concrete.
I howl at the moon.